Multi-tier Affiliate Program


ASEAN Quality™

Welcome you to Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

Multi-Tier Affiliate Program could create your wealth by giving you a passive income faster with out ceiling.

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You will get Affiliate ID for promoting variety of product from ASEAN Quality™ website. then feel free to promoting the products on your Web blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or what ever in your style and convenience.

If you are the one who strongly want to start your own online business but, don’t know how to begin with your e-commerce project. We are the right person you should know.

Our Advantage

  • Apply for Free !
  • No Product Investment Cost
  • No Product Inventory
  • No Required Accumulative Income Balance
  • Get Direct Commission in Percentage from Total Monthly Sell
  • Payable Commission Transfer Directly to your Bank Account every 25th of a Month
  • There are variety of Products and Services which could give you 5 – 20 % depend on each particular Product and Service
  • Products and Services which have been selected by well-known brand and reliable quality and affordable price. This could let you sell them easily.
  • Other Affiliate Partners under your reference. We give you 10% of there total income, unlimited level with no ceiling